Sarshell, capital city of (New) Impultur, as seen along the coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars,
painted by the gnome master Hilip Nathye, DR 1475

The Seat of New Power

Sarshel is the new capital of Impultur, and the city from which Lord Rahleir Dhahad governs. 

Long a bustling center of commerce, Sarshel grew dramatically in size and importance when the Spellplague rendered the waters around Lyrabar difficult to navigate. Though Lyrabar's shores returned to normalcy during the Sundering, many contracts and agreements remained that named Sarshel as the destination of goods. This has kept the city's economy booming, and made it a destination for merchants as well as tourists who flock to the city to experience the multi-cultural waterfront districts that have resulted. 




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