Imperial Treasury

Coffers of the Imperial Court



Art, jewelry, and other non-coin stores of value.



Adventuring Charter (Active)
granted by Lord Rahleir Dhahad, Impultur 

  • Grants right to carry arms openly and publicly in Impultur and its lands, barring strictures lawfully imposed by local magistates, Lords, or other rightful authority.
  • Grants rights of salvage for goods discovered in Impultur which have no direct claim against them.
  • Grants right to hire Impulturian citizens into service upon negotiation of a fair and agreed-upon contract. 
  • Grants right of free travel throughout Impultur as well as into and out of same, barring strictures lawfully imposed by local magistrates, Lords, or other rightful authority.
  • Requires remittance of tax in the amount of 15% of all earnings on endeavors undertaken by the signatories of the Charter, payable to any official Impulturian tax collector. Failure to do so renders the Charter null and submits the signatories to fines and punishment under the law. 


  • Writ of Declaration of Thanks from Tayalla Whitworth, Mayor of Waterton, Impultur

Other Holdings

"An accounting of the Imperial Treasury, it's incomes and expenditures. May Waukeen bless us in our endeavors"


  • One small diamond. (50gp)
  • Silver Dagger with emerald set into hilt. (125g)
  • Coin Pouch of 7 Copper Pieces.
  • One small iron lockbox set with four agates (worth 50gp) containing four vials of powder.  Silver powder (1gp) Jade powder (20gp), gold powder (25gp) Diamond Powder (250gp).
  • One gold necklace set with onyx. (125gp)
  • Two Gold Rings. (75gp each)
  • Gold Bracer set with rubies. (together as jewelry worth 450 gold, rubies are worth 100 gold each)
  • Copper game board with opal pieces. (we have no idea what the game is, estimated at 345gp)
  • Prayer book of Pelagia. (worth 15gp to the right person)
  • Pewter handled baton set with several pink pearls (25gp)
  • Pouch of assorted coins (5pp 24 sp, 15cp)
  • Whale bone scrimshaw pipe and smoking kit (15gp)
  • Fine smoking tobacco imported from the Dalelands. (15gp)
  • Four tomes comprising the history of Waterton, sold and payment of 100gp recieved. 
  • Emerald found by Spock the Mastiff (100gp)
  • Fine quality paint brush set (75gp)
  • Small case of cooking spices from Shou Lung, in Kara-Tur (65gp, invaluable to me as I use them to cook for my ministers).
  • A strange obsidian brooch with the letter "F" that is etched with sickle shaped, etched in electrum, and has a mushroom design (Unknown value)
  • Small Crystal Flask no more than 6 inches in height with a tiny elf inside that demands my attention.
  • Two 60gp trade bars
  • One flask of healing


  • One scimitar with ornate gold wire handle (worth 25gp, used to pay for messenger and body guards to deliver missive to Queen Siya Rithnavi, 5 gold was also paid out of my own pocket)
  • One small silver mirror and one small silver collar with bell for 15 gp each (used to buy donkey and cart)
  • Scrimshaw Whalebone pipe, smoking kit, and fine tobacco from Dalelands. (Claimed by Oskar the Imperial Minsiter of Espionage), worth 30gp in total (The smoking accessories not the wizard). 
  • One 60 gold piece trade bar to be paid to the Court's laborers for their assitance.
  • One coin pouch of 11gp, also used to pay the messenger and bodyguards.
  • Scroll of Sending claimed by myself (His Imperial Majesty Sharik V to contact our new Elven allies)
  • Cooking spices of Kara-Tur used by myself (His Imperial Majesty Sharik V) to make our rations much better as well as 250gp diamond dust.

Imperial Treasury

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